Life is…Birth and Death

There are two great days in a person’s life – the day we are born and the day we discover why’ -William Barclay

This is the place we all start, you, me, everyone else.

The sun begins to rise as a family gathers, nanas, poppas, aunties, uncles, siblings.
As they anxiously await the news they stalk the halls wearing the vinyl through. Artificial lighting bleeds into the consciousness of each person stopping welcome sleep from entering. Finally a person emerges, not just a son but now a father. A smile crosses his lips and the group know it is the news they have been waiting for. A baby has entered the world, their baby. She is pink and wriggly, eager to meet them and discover the secrets that this place holds. She cries out as midwives and their assistants examine her body, a sure sign of her strength and personality. It’s a personality they are eager to know, to shape, to support. Parents breathe a sigh of relief at the ending of one journey and the beginning of another, their new trial together as parents. The love for their child encourages them to always be the best parents they can be, through the good days and the bad. Resting on mother’s skin, both mother and child breathe together, inhale and exhale, relax.

Elsewhere in the building, another family begins to gather. Two at a time they visit, tissues aplenty. They sit solemnly in groups, talking in hushed tones. They offer words and physical comfort when needed. They know the time is near. The sun is setting upon their dreams. Holidays, board games, inside jokes, conversations, letters, words of advice, the brush of a hand, and the look upon a face are all elements that will be missed. Life as they know it is drawing to a close. Mother exits, a flood of tears and the children know that it is done. Sadness has paid a visit. It dampens their souls and their faces, and changes them. They feel weakened for a short time before they find comfort in memories, and joy of the life lived.

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