The ‘Life is…’ Project

My inspiration (and I would argue every author’s inspiration) for writing is life itself. There are those twists and turns you are not expecting, the amazing people that wander into your life just as you need them, the opportunities that tend to knock on your door just as you’ve given up all hope of them appearing.

I want to honour this through my ‘Life is…’ project where I will write about one aspect of life that’s really stood out to me recently. These aspects may be angry or outspoken, happy or exciting, depressing or sad, funny or crazy, but these are the very emotions that we experience throughout life itself.
We all experience life in different, equally valid ways, so I want to hear what ‘Life is…’ for you right now too.

Can you relate to my view or do you have a much better story to tell?
Post your thoughts in the comments and we will get started together


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